About Us

2Beards are an award winning Video and Film Production crew based in Blackpool, Lancashire.

Having cut their teeth working for various media agencies and Producing their own short films, they are now taking customers full time for Music Videos and Commerical Videos to raise funds for their first feature film.

Well versed in every kind of film from standard promo work through to more risque viral ventures and experimental custom productions you will find them knowledgable, highly professional and a lot of fun to work with.

Producing their own films on a very tight budget has drilled a mantra into them “Low Production Cost – High Production Value”. They have learned how to produce broadcast quality work but for prices that the average band or small business will find completely managable.

It all starts with a chat about what you want to achieve. Get straight through to an approachable Director on 07704 568 083 or send an email to ShootMe@2Beards to share your ideas and they will take care of the rest.

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Featured Videos

  • Formulakart Still
    We love Gokarting, so getting the opportunity to work on a commercial for Formulakart was awesome fun!
  • CSOD Still
    We love making music videos, but they can get a bit poncey can't they?! Everyone trying to look cool and prancing around lip-synching n all that. Why not just nail the band with a s*** load of paintballs and make em do it in One Take. That's what we did for CSOD!
  • Oz Still 1
    2Beards have now joined forces with Preston media house DigitalGuys to work on the occasional Music Video together. This is the first video born of this new relationship and it came out pretty well.
  • red_xiii sg
    We'd been dying to a Metal Video so we were well chuffed when Red XIII came to us about a video for their new single 'Sleeping Giants'. Being the pretentious little wankers we are, we used it as an opportunity to write a little love letter to David Lynch.