We are casting for our next short film, Michael.

The project is being made for entry into a charity filmmaking competition, called ‘Unchosen’. The film will be judged by Ken Loach and Nick Broomfield, amongst others. Winning films will embark on a road show tour of the UK & Ireland, taking in film festivals and multiple other venues nationwide, starting in October 2014.

The film is based on real events and tells the story of Michael, a homeless man, who is tricked into forced labour in the UK.

For more info about the production of the film, please see this previous post:  www.2beards.co.uk/unchosen

Auditions will take place on Saturday 21st June in the function room upstairs at Gillespies, on Topping Street in Blackpool. We’d love to hear from you if you think you can materialise the following characters.


Male: playing age 30

Life has not been easy for Michael growing up. He struggled at school, missing lessons and leaving before he competed his GCSEs. Getting into drink and drugs, he eventually ended up living on the streets. Here, he was found by Liam and given a job labouring, which is hasn’t been paid for and can’t leave. He is physically and psychologically trapped in a very unpleasant situation.


Male: playing age 40

Liam runs a building business and a pig farm. He also uses vulnerable people as labourers and prevents them from leaving. He is a psychological manipulator and a violent bully. He knows when to be nice and when to be nasty.


Female: playing age 40

Coleen is Liam’s wife and is complicit in the illegal trade of forced labour. Like her husband she is also a clever manipulator and enjoys the good life provided by their lucrative enterprise.


Male: playing age 55

Lop has been working for Liam’s family for 10 years, also coming from the streets. He has been institutionalised and wouldn’t know where to go if he could. He has been conditioned to look up to Liam as a father, despite being 15 years older.

Gang Members

Various ages

We also need a small group of tough looking men to play as extended members of Liam’s family.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about the film by contacting Jon on 07704568083 or emailing ShootMe@2Beards.co.uk.

Expenses will be covered. Pay is negotiable depending on experience.

Michael Poster PHIL

Help Us Win A Film Competition And Fight Forced Labour.

We have joined forces with the Film Director Jonathan Kemp to enter a film competition in August called ‘Unchosen’.

The project is a collaboration between artistic forces and human rights sectors to raise awareness on the subject of Forced Labour and Domestic Slavery and to provide funding for the support of victims. You can find out all about it here:


The competition is run and judged by Nick Broomfield (Kurt & Courtney, Ghosts) and Ken Loach (Kes, The Wind That Shakes The Barley). Its going to be sick!

The idea is to create a short film (under 10 minutes) based on a case study of an actual victim of forced labour. Yeah, it’s pretty dark. An expert panel will select the winning films which will be screened at a high profile awards ceremony in London.

All winning films will embark on a road show tour of the UK & Ireland taking in film festivals and multiple other venues nationwide starting in October 2014.


We have chosen the harrowing case of Michael: a young homeless man picked up off the streets with the promise of food and shelter, only to become unwittingly trapped as a farmhand by some incredibly nasty people.

We have a great script on it’s 2nd draft, the perfect location, talent to choose from and a solid crew coming together.

Unchosen pic

We even have some of the North West’s finest music talent working with us to provide a Musical Score.


The shoot will be 3 Days around the 25th July and the film is to be submitted by 13th August.

We are stiil looking for people to join the crew both above and below the line. We also still have space in the cast for talent. If you would like to get involved on any level, shoot us over an email to ShootMe@2Beards.co.uk.

The last time we got involved in a film competition we ended up winning an award, Can we do it again? That’s where you might be able to help us.


What we really need is funding. We have had some very generous donations but we could still do with a bit more if we are going to make the standard of film we hope to. A 3 day shoot is alot of hard work. We will be living in tents on a pig farm, working 14 hour days and living off next to nothing. There are lots of people involved and your generous donation will mean that we can:-

1. Cover the cost of cast and crew.  2. Get some much needed props and wardrobe bought. 3. Feed everyone for the full 3 days and cover other administrative costs. 4. Market the film appropriately.

In return for your amazing contribution you will get:-

1. A Producers credit (either as an indiviual or a business). 2. An invitation to the screening and awards ceremony. 3. A copy of the film on DVD signed by cast and crew. 4. The eternal gratitude of a small, independent film crew and a place in our hearts.


We have set a limit on the budget of £1500. At the moment we have £325. We are looking for donations of anything between £20 and £500. I mean, go ahead and give us the lot if you want, but anything you can donate would mean the world to us.


Get your hand in your pocket and pledge donations via email to ShootMe@2Beards.co.uk.

Keep in touch via our Facebook page to stay up to date.

photo 3 photo 1


The Late Night Scriptwriting sessions are starting to pay off.

We now have down just about every major plot development for the script for our first feature film. A few creases that need ironing and then we are ready to go on to actually writing the script itself. This is an exciting time as we have a story we are proud of and characters we love and hate in all the right places. Stay tuned for more news.

UnknownWe have acquired a small budget to produce a Blackpool based Feature Film and we are now looking for the screen talent and crew to get it made.

The budget for the film is very modest and we are trying our hardest to put as much as possible ‘on the screen’. With this in mind, some roles will be paid, others will have expenses paid but everyone involved will be well fed, watered and pampered.

It is the redemption tale of a low level drug dealer trying to put right the mistakes that have destroyed his family and created his most powerful foes. When things start spiralling out of control he will have to take on the Heroin empire he is trapped in and the people who control it to protect the ones he loves.

It is a graphically violent film with a fair bit of drug reference. Most of the character are bad people doing bad things. Would suit people looking to get involved in something dark and gritty.

The script is now being written and we are keen to find our talent during the writing process so we can write around them.

Looking for a range of talent (Northern accent unless stated otherwise)
The Lead: (age 22-28)
A few angry young males (age 20-30)
A few older well established henchmen. (age 35-50)
A troubled ex girlfriend with a growing drug habit. (age 19-23)
A bitter mother – (Scottish Accent) (50+)
Dad (50+)

There’s more detail about the roles over on our StarNow casting call: CLICK HERE
if you read the role descriptions there’s a few hints about the storyline too)

As always, we are open to working with new people behind the camera too. If you would like to help in any of the following roles then feel free to get in touch:

Camera Op
Boom Operator/Sound Recorder
Grip crew/Gaffer crew
Make-up Artist/Hair
Location scout

At this stage we’re just looking to see CVs and chat to interested talent. We aim to shoot in October. Happy to answer questions.

15380beggarRecently we have had some very kind donations to our Feature Film budget. Our goal is to get to £5,500 before pre-production is completed.

We are adamant that our first feature must me made for under the equivalent of $7,000 (£4,500). Thats how much Primer cost you see so If they can do something that awesome for such a small amount of dough then we should be able to do the same. The additional £1,000 is from some essential gear that we will need to complete the film to cinema standards – Surround Sound editing/monitoring Equipment and a few other bits and pieces

We have, so far accumulated £3,000 We still have £2,500 to find…

We are looking for maybe 5-10 other investors who may want to contribute small amounts to this fund. Are you a business person doing well that could spare a bit for a charitable deed? (its tax deductible). Are you an eccentric millionaire thats always fancied a pop at being a film producer? Are you just super generous and mega-awesome?

Donations of £250 – £1750 would be very much appreciated. You’ll be kept in the loop with regular updates on production. You’ll get early signed copies of the film, a credit as a ‘Producer’, invites to screenings and festivals, access to the set, a part in the film (if you’re up to it), eternal gratitude and peace of mind knowing that you did everything in your ability to help a up and coming, independent, award winning Film Director and his band of cronies make celluloid history right from a backwater, little, one-horse seaside town.

Get your hand in your pocket!

email us if you can help: ShootMe@2Beards.co.uk

Alan from FormulaKart
Tom from DigitalGuys
Mr. Chambers (Phil’s Dad)




2Beards compo NEW

To make it nice and easy for you we’ve put the text you need to copy and paste here as well. REMEMBER TO TAG US IN THE POST.

“I think that 2Beards should make a music video for me for FREE as part of their awesome competition 28 Words Or Less because…”


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The competition winner will be entitled to one day free shooting and a full edit to the usual 2Beards standards. We’ll even throw a Branded YouTube channel in as well. What you will not get is us paying for locations, props, talent, wardrobe, makeup, car chases, explosions and other stupid fucking over the top special effects. We will help you to source all of this stuff for free where needed but if their is something specialist that you require in the video you can pay for it yourself. I mean come on, you just won a fucking music video right?! So put your hand in your pocket or find it for free you tight fisted bastard. 2Beards decision on everything is final.



music video pic

We’re really pleased with the recent Music Videos we have shot for Jay Madden and RED XIII. To celebrate this we thought we’d give one away.

But we couldn’t just give it away.. we’re gona make you compete for it. Its going to be a gruelling slog of Producer schmoozing and inter-band bitching and sabotage (a bit like the Manchester Hardcore scene)… but you’ll have to wait for the finer details because…

28 Words Or Less launches on Friday 26th of May!

It will be a month long battle! WINNER will be announced around June 26th

For Now go over to our FACEBOOK PAGE for more details.

Here’s the Jay Madden Video as an example of our work. The RED XIII video for ‘Sleeping Giants’ Launches same day as the competition so you’ll have to wait 😛

YouTube Preview Image

We were invited to  Lancashire International Film Festival to show some episodes of That Thing About Wolves which got us some very funny looks. While we were there we entered their 100 Hours Film Competition.

The brief given to us on Monday 8th May which was as follows:
100 Seconds duration (including Title, with an additional 10 seconds for CREDITS) *
Include a shot that clearly shows a newspaper and headline from a day between 8th and 12th April 2013 *
Include a PROMINENT item/prop that has a hole in it
No Dialogue
Own the copyright to your film
Submit by 5:30pm Friday 12th May

So we got ‘The 5 O’Clock Shadow’ assembled (that’s what we call our film crew) and got on with it. We made the Short Film ‘Reel’, and guess what?! IT WON! Well, It got the ‘Special Mention Award’ which is basically unofficial winner. LIFE festival had a lot of UCLAN involvement so we’re sure when it came to awards time they couldn’t have some jumped up bunch of drunken scroats and vagabonds from Blackpool turning up and showing all the Preston film students how it’s done could they?!. Although that’s what we did 😛

We really enjoyed all of the other entrants (Officially).

Yeah 2Beards got picked for Lancashire International Film Festival. We know! We are as confused as you because ‘That Thing About Wolves’ is totally daft. What are they thinking? Visible booms and dodgy acting aside -we’re in the festival!


quillWe are now in writing mode as we flesh out a script we have for a short called ‘Nudge’. A chav NED type loses his pregnant girlfriends’ rent money on a gambler and is banished until he can “Sort it out!”. So off he goes to the Donk party before chancing upon two dangerously artistic types who may have a solution to his predicament.

We will require a lot of help with this. We’re currently casting over 15 people to make the film possible so if you feel like you want to get involved then get in touch through the contacts page or the Facebook page.

Equally we need help behind the lens: boom-ops, gaffers, runners, wardrobe, props, MUA, Hair etc. Get involved!

As you you may be aware 2Beards are responsible for the That Thing About Wolves (TTAW) sketch series. This has been used mainly as a vehicle for us to learn what we are doing with certain equipment and we feel the series has improved in quality with every episode. The content is obviously still questionable like but, you know.

The goal was always to make ‘serious’ films and we feel that we are now ready to that. The final stage is to now upgrade our primary camera to do that will cost £2,399 so If this is an area you can help with then we can secure you a place at the right hand of our father for your generosity. Also anyone that wants to watch us do questionable things to animals to raise the funds can see us any Friday on front prom after midnight.