Rot City Trailer.

Our very good friend and World’s most lovable, degenerate art-punk, Stormy Weathers, is soon to spew up his Blackpool filth-opus ‘Rot City’ (Acid Minstrel Productions.)

Loving and painstakingly produced on Super 8, it brings up the dark matter in the seafoam and offers a disection of the imfamous seaside town, personifying it’s darker nature through a grimy, bitter arthouse lens. Not for the fainthearted (or anyone but Stormy probably), get ready for adult content, grab yourself a sick bag full of popcorn, a six pack of Coke and let the Rot set in.

Y’all need to get on the grapevine on the Facebook Page and stay tuned for the release! For now here’s the trailer.

YouTube Preview Image


rot city


We are incredibly pleased to announce that ‘Michael’, our entry into the Unchosen Film Competition, won the award for ’Best UK Film’.

For us it is a total honour as the Judges Panel featured  the likes of Ken Loach, Nick Broomfield and representatives for Film4 and The Lottery Film Funding Commission.

We enjoyed a lovely champagne reception at the Royal College Of Music in Kensington where we got to meet some incredible talent from the other productions and had the opportunity to schmooze with the big wigs. 

Here are the other winners from the competition:

Best Film (Overall)

‘Yoke Farm’ directed by Tim Keeling. 

Best Young Filmmaker

‘Help’ Directed by Phoebe Ruguru

Best Forced Labour Film: International

‘Tantalum’ Directed by Johannes Richard Voelkel

Best Forced Labour Film: UK Production

‘My Friend Ivor’ Directed by Aleksandra Czenczek

Best Original Music Score

‘Vicky the Musical’ Composed by Sam Jones &

Paul Devlin

Michael will join these other great films and the winners from last year, for a DVD and Bluray release later in the year.  The proceeds of which will go back into helping the victims of forced labour directly as well as being a campaign in itself to raise awareness and educate on the subject. We will of course keep you posted, but for now you’ll have to make do with the trailer. Watch it here:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that made this possible. Your very kind financial contributions and hard work have meant that we could pull this off. So, really, thanks.


Michael Poster PHIL

A very special mention to Sam Fenton for your camera skills and tenacious approach, Levi Krebs-Levy and Hannah Jenkinson Carpenter for allowing us the use of their wonderful Farm, Rachel Dawe and Becca Murdoch for keeping us organised and on track and Calvin Morris for your very generous and unexpected Financial Contribution.

And to our hard working, loyal crew – you guys are the stuff of legends. We were amazed by how much you stepped up and we can’t wait to work with you all again.