Commercial Video.

Commercial video is very important if you are to be taken seriously online. Whether you’re a greedy conglomerate hell bent on global dominance or just a local sparky looking for a better web presence, we have packages to suit you all.

We approach our corporate jobs with the same ethos we do anything else. Low production cost, high production value. This means we can make you stand out from the crowd with a video that looks like it cost a hell of a lot more than it actually did.

Jon has a lot of experience working for various Marketing Companies so he is seasoned in the dark arts of, not just creating the videos, but also getting them visible online and using them for White Hat SEO techniques and schmoozing to the top of the search results.

All of our Corporates come with a fully branded YouTube Channel which can start showing you results immediately.

What Does It Cost?

Every Commercial Video is different and has it’s own set of production costs. When calculating your quote we would look at how long we think its going to take us to shoot it first. Is it a one day shoot? Does it require a secondary location shoot? Is the location far away and do we have to travel there? Then we’d look at how long it would take to edit. Is it particularly choppy? Are there any time consuming special effects etc?

Finally we would look at the actual production costs – these include things like travel, location, wardrobe, props, food, hair, make-up. We know loads of ways to keep the cost down but you really should be gearing yourself up to spending somewhere in the region of £495 – £1,295 for the average small to medium sized business and around £3,000 for more established businesses wanting more intricate work.

We are always available for a chat on the phone if you’d like to discuss your project for a rough quote and for finer details we would advise a meeting so we can begin planning.

There’s loads more examples of corporate work on our YouTube Channel.

  • Jeremy Corbyn: Leadership Launch

    YouTube Preview Image

    It was an honour to get to work for Mr Corbyn and very satisfying to get to do something about the media bias in the UK. These are the highlights from his speech at the Lowry in Manchester.

  • On Yer Bike

    Shop Introduction

    YouTube Preview Image


    Electric Bike Showcase

    YouTube Preview Image


  • Geraud Markets – Keswick

    YouTube Preview Image
  • Panasonic: Perfect Promenade Projection

    YouTube Preview Image

    A commercial video we produced for Panasonic, covering the projection mapping on Blackpool Tower

  • Absolute Fitness

    YouTube Preview Image

    A commercial film production for a company in Blackpool, Lancashire


  • Reversed Ink – Tattoo Removal

    YouTube Preview Image

    A commercial video production for a company in Blackpool, Lancashire

  • Penwortham Girls High School – 2015

    YouTube Preview Image

    A commercial web video we produced for a school in Preston.

  • Barton Grange – Summer 2015

    YouTube Preview Image
  • William Houghton Funerals

    YouTube Preview Image
  • The Stone Grill – Steakhouse

    YouTube Preview Image

    This place is a fantastic steak house in Blackpool. The owner Wayne is real savvy when it comes to both steaks and online marketing. He helped us write the script, sourced the voice over and spoiled us with amazing steaks. We took a risk with the swearing at the end and it paid off. 40,000 views on Facebook and climbing.

    Here have a look: