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It’s our goal is to of course make films full time with a budget and not have to worry about where our next meal is coming from. We’d ideally like an Oscar or the Palme D’Or but until then there’s the bits and pieces we get done when we’re not at work.

We’re currently writing the script for our first feature film but we realised a long time ago that we kind of have to learn what we are doing first, and that’s where That Thing About Wolves comes in. We shoot really short films using hairbrained scripts and whatever talent we can find in the pub so that we can iron out the creases in our technique. This usually leads to us realising there’s ‘another’ bit of kit we need and so we shoot another short using said kit so we can figure out what we’re doing with that.


  • We are incredibly pleased to announce that ‘Michael’, our entry into the Unchosen Film Competition, won the award for ’Best UK Film’.

    For us it is a total honour as the Judges Panel featured  the likes of Ken Loach, Nick Broomfield and representatives for Film4 and The Lottery Film Funding Commission.


  • Reel – a Short Film for the 100 Hours Film Competition

    We took all the Wolves episodes to Lancashire International Film Festival and thought it would be rude not to enter their ‘100 Hours Film Competition’.

    The brief given to us on Monday 8th May which was as follows:
    100 Seconds duration (including Title, with an additional 10 seconds for CREDITS) *
    Include a shot that clearly shows a newspaper and headline from a day between 8th and 12th April 2013 *
    Include a PROMINENT item/prop that has a hole in it
    No Dialogue
    Own the copyright to your film
    Submit by 5:30pm Friday 12th May…

    WE WON! Well we got the ‘Honourable Mention Award’.

    Massive Props to everyone involved, but especially to Chris Dyas for his acting and Wil Craig and Luke Gribbon for the Score.

    Full cast and crew credits on Vimeo.


  • Episode 1

    A lonely man begins a ritual…

    Music: Kavinsky – ‘Nightcall’ (Record Makers/Zomba Music Publishing)

  • Episode 2

    Phil is off round to chill at Jon’s but someone has tagged along. I sure hope he’s cool.

    This episode is based on a true story.

    [iPhone users please use headphones to address audio issue]


  • Episode 3

    My life has meaning
    My life has meaning
    My life has meaning
    My life has meaning
    My life has meaning
    My life has meaning
    My life has meaning
    My life has meaning

  • Episode 4

    Out there on the wild frontier, is a man scared of no man. A man not afraid to look his nemesis square in the eye with a fire in his belly and a scuff on his boot. Some call him the integral stranger, others call him… The Beard.

    Music: Escape Artist – ‘All I’ve Ever Known’ (

  • Episode 5

    Episode 5 of That Thing About Wolves. A man is looking for another man and then a rediculous series of events unfold so that Phil and Jon can practice gunfire and blood effect in After Effects.

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