Music Video.

We don’t need to tell Musicians how important Music Videos are. The internet rewrote the book on band promotion and now, for artists wanting their audience to take them seriously, well produced videos that stand out and communicate the message in the music are considered an absolute necessity.

Both of the 2Beards are Musicians with very eclectic taste. We love making music videos because it’s a great way to play with more experimental concepts than standard drama allows and make new friends in the music community. If you have your own ideas, that’s great we will incorporate those but we are happiest when bands and artists give us creative freedom to design the video from the ground up. From audience friendly pieces to more subversive work we have the gear and ability to create the professional production you’re looking for.

What Does It Cost?

Every Music Video is different and has it’s own set of production costs. When calculating your quote we would look at how long we think its going to take us to shoot it first. Is it a one day shoot? does it require a secondary location shoot? Is the location far away and do we have to travel there? Then we’d look at how long it would take to edit. Is it particularly choppy? Are there any time consuming special effects etc?

Finally we would look at the actual production costs – these include things like travel, location, wardrobe, props, food, hair, make-up. We know loads of ways to keep the cost down but you really should be gearing yourself up to spending somewhere in the region of £400 – £800 for the average self funded band or musician and around £5,000 for label funded productions.

We are always available for a chat on the phone if you’d like to discuss your project for a rough quote and for finer details we would advise a meeting so we can begin planning.

  • Wisdom of Oz and The Starlight Odyssey

    YouTube Preview Image


  • Apriori – ‘Fire’ (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

    YouTube Preview Image


  • Me Vs Hero – ‘Opposites’

    YouTube Preview Image

    This video was Produced by our friend Josh Partridge ( A very talented young man.


  • CSOD vs 2Beards – ‘Burnt Bridges’ – Paintball

    YouTube Preview Image


  • Wisdom Of Oz – ‘Catch 42’

    YouTube Preview Image

    This was brought to us already written by Blackpool’s Legendary Big Oz (Paul Horrocks) so our role was shooting, editing and finishing. It’s funny because it’s pretty similar in a way to the Spider Jaroo Video we produced and we were a little worried people might think we were running out of ideas – haha. But now we see that although it is restricting someone to a chair and torturing them  again the 2 vids are completely different animals. It was fun to revisit the same themes with more knowledge and better equipment.

  • Red XIII – ‘Sleeping Giants’

    YouTube Preview Image

    We’d been dying to a Metal Video so we were well chuffed when Red XIII came to us about a video for their new single ‘Sleeping Giants’. Being the pretentious little wankers we are, we used it as an opportunity to write a little love letter to David Lynch.

    A very special mention has to go to Hope Richmond who was the little girl in the gas mask who was incredibly professional all day and an absolute little trooper. Well done hope!


  • Jay Madden – ‘Lost The Plot’

    YouTube Preview Image

    Jay Madden’s latest video is now launched through Innit Records and we’re really pleased with how it looks.

    Making this video was a total riot. Taking over a school, playing dress-up and getting our friends to do ridiculous stuff.  He’s already signed with us for the follow up video so we’re really looking forward to working with him again. A lot of talent and a really nice guy. Knows a thing or two about edit decisions too… and he always brings us wine. We like wine!

  • Spider Jaroo – ‘Who’s That?’

    YouTube Preview Image

    Shot when Jon was rolling with Sumo Crucial, Spider Jaroo’s Video for ‘Who’s That’ actually featured more budget on fake boobs than it did on equipment. That’s something we’re incredibly proud of.

    Matt Cromer came to us with his latest track (at the time) and immediately we knew it wasn’t your standard UK Hip Hop track and we didn’t want to make a Standard Hip Hop Video. Made on a micro budget in the basement of a pub we went more Death Metal than Rap to create something still being talked about now. 5000 views and climbing.

    Additional Sound: Simon Morgan
    Make Up Artist: Clare Breen