Rot City is inbound! And you are so not ready! (Trailer)

January 16th, 2015 by

Rot City Trailer.

Our very good friend and World’s most lovable, degenerate art-punk, Stormy Weathers, is soon to spew up his Blackpool filth-opus ‘Rot City’ (Acid Minstrel Productions.)

Loving and painstakingly produced on Super 8, it brings up the dark matter in the seafoam and offers a disection of the imfamous seaside town, personifying it’s darker nature through a grimy, bitter arthouse lens. Not for the fainthearted (or anyone but Stormy probably), get ready for adult content, grab yourself a sick bag full of popcorn, a six pack of Coke and let the Rot set in.

Y’all need to get on the grapevine on the Facebook Page and stay tuned for the release! For now here’s the trailer.

YouTube Preview Image


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