Help Us Win A Film Competition And Fight Forced Labour

May 29th, 2014 by

Help Us Win A Film Competition And Fight Forced Labour.

We have joined forces with the Film Director Jonathan Kemp to enter a film competition in August called ‘Unchosen’.

The project is a collaboration between artistic forces and human rights sectors to raise awareness on the subject of Forced Labour and Domestic Slavery and to provide funding for the support of victims. You can find out all about it here:

The competition is run and judged by Nick Broomfield (Kurt & Courtney, Ghosts) and Ken Loach (Kes, The Wind That Shakes The Barley). Its going to be sick!

The idea is to create a short film (under 10 minutes) based on a case study of an actual victim of forced labour. Yeah, it’s pretty dark. An expert panel will select the winning films which will be screened at a high profile awards ceremony in London.

All winning films will embark on a road show tour of the UK & Ireland taking in film festivals and multiple other venues nationwide starting in October 2014.


We have chosen the harrowing case of Michael: a young homeless man picked up off the streets with the promise of food and shelter, only to become unwittingly trapped as a farmhand by some incredibly nasty people.

We have a great script on it’s 2nd draft, the perfect location, talent to choose from and a solid crew coming together.

Unchosen pic

We even have some of the North West’s finest music talent working with us to provide a Musical Score.


The shoot will be 3 Days around the 25th July and the film is to be submitted by 13th August.

We are stiil looking for people to join the crew both above and below the line. We also still have space in the cast for talent. If you would like to get involved on any level, shoot us over an email to

The last time we got involved in a film competition we ended up winning an award, Can we do it again? That’s where you might be able to help us.


What we really need is funding. We have had some very generous donations but we could still do with a bit more if we are going to make the standard of film we hope to. A 3 day shoot is alot of hard work. We will be living in tents on a pig farm, working 14 hour days and living off next to nothing. There are lots of people involved and your generous donation will mean that we can:-

1. Cover the cost of cast and crew.  2. Get some much needed props and wardrobe bought. 3. Feed everyone for the full 3 days and cover other administrative costs. 4. Market the film appropriately.

In return for your amazing contribution you will get:-

1. A Producers credit (either as an indiviual or a business). 2. An invitation to the screening and awards ceremony. 3. A copy of the film on DVD signed by cast and crew. 4. The eternal gratitude of a small, independent film crew and a place in our hearts.


We have set a limit on the budget of £1500. At the moment we have £325. We are looking for donations of anything between £20 and £500. I mean, go ahead and give us the lot if you want, but anything you can donate would mean the world to us.


Get your hand in your pocket and pledge donations via email to

Keep in touch via our Facebook page to stay up to date.