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commercial work

Who Are We?

We cover all of Europe and beyond, but our true stomping ground is our favourite place in the World; North West UK. 

With 15+ Years Experience producing content for a variety of top 100 agencies and making our own short films on a budget; we are well versed in producing the highest possible quality at the most reasonable prices around. 

2Beards are an award winning Video and Film Production team based in Liverpool.  

Video Is God...

...as far as online Marketing goes, anyway.

Video Content is now the 100% proven-as-fact,  Number One way to get a potential customer to find you on Search Engines, stay on your website, educate themselves on your services and convert into sales figures. 


It doesn't matter whether you're a Start-Up or an international conglomerate, we have a package that will work and that you can budget.  

Call me!


Examples of our commercial work

Old Garden Care Home


Lytham Festival 

On Yer Bike - eBike Showroom

Fallen Angel Tattoo


Puzzle Hall Pub - Crowdfunder

Platinum Cleaning


Liverpool Restaurants

Panasonic Business

Jeremy Corbyn

What does It Cost?

Commercial Video Projects are as unique as the Businesses that need them. The Production Workflow for every Video is different. How long is the shoot? How many Cameras? Are we taking Audio? Do we need to source Talent? Do you need Motion Graphics or any other extras in the Edit?

Most of our work comes in between £100 and £1000, but having a chat with the Director is the first place to start.  After we get some details from you about your project we'll be able to work you out a package that you like. 


Music Video


Video Killed The Radio Star

Don't just get a Video... get a decent One!

Obviously, any body working in Music, at any level, needs regular video content.

Being Musicians ourselves, we understand that most Artists are skint but their Video Quality still needs to be on-point. We know some tricks that'll help you pull this off. Tell us your budget and we'll show you which corners can be cut when necessary. 


Remember that a Bad Video can be worse than No Video, so pick your production team wisely. 

Examples of our Music video work

Wisdom of Oz - 'Starlight Odyssey'

Wisdom Of Oz - 'Catch 42'

Apriori - 'Fire' 

Jay Madden - 'Lost The Plot'

REDXIII - 'Sleeping Giants'

Spider Jaroo 'Who's That?'

What does It Cost?

Music Videos can cost anything between £150 and £50,000. Every Video has it's own thing going on. Will there be a narrative storyline or just a performance? Do you need Actors? Any Specialist Lighting? Any Special Effects, Props or Pyrotechnics?

We can usually work out a package that satisfies the needs of the song for a price the Artist is happy paying. Get the Track over to us, and we'll see what we can sort out. 

get your show on the road